Preparing for your journey to the Cloud.

About The Workshop

Making the move to the Cloud is more than a simple decision to make the switch - but where do you even start?! 

In this workshop we'll tick through all the considerations for moving some, or all of your systems, infrastructure or applications to a cloud provider.

We'll sort through the different types of Cloud - laaS, SaaS, etc., define what hybrid means, and help you identify when the Cloud is a good fit...and when it isn't. We'll help you identify what Cloud offerings your currently owned technologies have available and what alternatives may be worth exploring. 

We'll dissect the anatomy of a Cloud migration: 
  • Have you completed your cloud architecture ?
  • Are you ready to create a migration plan? 
  • Have you identified your migration team? 
  • What skills will this migration require?
  • What will this journey cost?
  • What will your testing process look like? 
  • What does availability, compliance and disaster recovery look like? 
  • Who will operate this new cloud environment, and are they ready? 
  • How long will this process take? 
  • Will your plan require protracted downtime? 

Our goal is to keep you from getting stuck in your Cloud journey; to keep you on the right track - we'll provide you with our Journey to the Cloud Reference Guide.


Workshop Details

Date: Tuesday November 9, 2021  
Time: 9a – 12:30p PT
Venue: Online via Zoom Webinar
No Cost Event


Alec Taylor
Partner & Consultant at IVOXY Consulting 

  • 26 years of experience in IT infrastructure & design

  • 14 years experience in delivering technical classes and workshops

Matt Yette
Consultant at IVOXY Consulting 

  • 16 years of experience as a Systems Engineer 

  • Data Center Therapy IVOXY Podcast Host 

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