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Network Automation for Busy People

Automation has been the darling of systems engineers & cloud platforms, but why should the server folks & cloud admins have all the fun?

About The Workshop

In these workshops we will do a little bit of talking & much more showing as to how to automate switches, routers, & enforcement points (firewalls).

From initial deployment, to configuration management & software upgrades, we’ll explore how Ansible and the power of Python can simplify your life… and maybe even delay the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome!

  • Learn what types of network tasks can be automated.
  • Understand the value of automation engines like Napalm & Nornir.
  • Get to know Ansible & why it's one of the hottest platforms in the datacenter/cloud.
  • Understand the importance of having a working knowledge of Python & YAML.
  • See how to build you own network automation lab, that can run on your laptop.


101: Automation Fundamentals


In this workshop, we'll show attendees the basics of network automation, the problems solved & new opportunities it offers. We'll cover the fundamentals of Python, why it matters, and how to learn it. We'll look at how tools like Napalm & Nornir simplify the process of deploying & operating switches, routers, & firewalls.

You can expect to learn...all about the power and importance of Python and how it relates to automation. you will also learn about the common network automation tools that matter, leading up to Ansible (which will be covered in our 201 workshop).

201: All About Ansible


In this workshop, we'll show attendees what makes Ansible the go-to platform for network automation. We'll cover prerequisites for a successful Ansible deployment, compare the differences between free & pay-for Ansible editions, and show off real-world examples of Ansible in action, with supporting code.

You can expect to learn...all about how Ansible works & how it's changing the way network administrators manage switches, routers, & firewalls. Additionally, you will walk away knowing the best online resources that will help you in your journey to the fully-automated network.

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