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Network Health Check

Let us peek under the hood of your Network Infrastructure and help you increase its availability, performance, security, and manageability.

About The Health Check

Our expert Consultants will interview current users and stakeholders regarding your existing Network. We’ll conduct a suite of tests to assess the current state of your network, identify gaps in its infrastructure, availability, performance, security and management. We’ll dig into everything from cabling and racks to network design, firewall rules, remote access, VLAN management, and network monitoring. We’ll provide you the results along with recommendations on how best to implement changes.


  • We’ll assess your environment’s current status through the eyes of the business and the end-user.

Plan and Design

  • From our evaluation we’ll create a plan that suits your specific needs, limits downtime, and creates a sustainable solution for everyone.

Implement and Educate

  • With a plan in place, let IVOXY do the heavy lifting to get your team set up for Cloud success. We can also provide your team with custom training to make sure you’re ready to maintain and even grow your Cloud solution.

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