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Introduction to Micro-Segmentation using NSX-T

Secure Your Applications Without Rebuilding Your Network

About The Course

Join us as we cover the use of VMware NSX-T to provide Micro Segmentation for VMware workloads. The class will focus on building security policy and day 2 management of an environment.

What You'll Learn

  • NSX-T Micro-Segmentation concepts

  • How does the distributed firewall stay consistent?

  • How to organize rules for scale

  • Troubleshooting firewall rules

  • Identity firewall components

  • How IPS / IDS works with NSX-T


  • Tour NSX-T components

  • Identifying traffic logs

  • Using labels to write rules

  • Securing multi tiered apps

  • Integrating with Active Directory

  • Writing identity based firewall rules


  • Working knowledge of how to write firewall rules – Src, Dest, Port, etc.

  • vSphere Administration

    • vSwitches / dvSwitches
    • VM management
  • Basic troubleshooting skills
  • Familiarity with SSH and basic network troubleshooting
  • Basic network fundamentals

Class Details

Venue: 100% online instruction & labs
Cost: $3,000


Matt Cozzolino, Consultant at IVOXY Consulting
  • 20 years of IT Infrastructure & Design

  • 10 years of Consulting on Data Center Virtualization

  • VCP-NV (2019), CCNA

Class Benefits

  • IVOXY Consultant-lead instruction

  • In-class, hands-on lab exercises, no simulations

  • Extended online lab access through Thursday, June 3

  • Best practices and resource documents

At a Glance

Day One

  • Introduction to NSX-T
  • Logging & Debugging
  • How to Manage the Environment

Day Two

  • Tags & How to Group Applications
  • Writing Policy Based Tags
  • Securing Multiple Applications

Day Three

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Identity Firewall Rules
  • How to Leverage IPS/IDS

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