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AMA: Networking For System Administrators

Join IVOXY Consulting for an enlightening Ask Me Anything session with Sr. Consultant and Instructor, Matt Cozzolino, as he gives you a brief glimpse into our forthcoming "Networking for System Administrators" class. Matt will introduce essential networking concepts critical for system admins and share insights on effective communication with network professionals. This AMA will include a brief presentation, which will be followed by an open floor for questions.

This is an excellent opportunity for current and aspiring system administrators to enhance their networking knowledge, remove their doubts, and prepare for advanced interactions in their professional environments. Don't miss out on the chance to learn from an expert and gain valuable insights into the world of network engineering!

What You'll Learn:

  • Questions to ask when deploying new equipment

  • How a network engineer approaches configuration change

  • Some of the networking issues with what should be a basic request

  • What kinds of different network connectivity you might encounter

  • Why a port channel doesn't increase your point-to-point throughput

Event Details

Dates: June 20, 2024 | 11am – 11:45am PT
Location: Virtual!


Matt Cozzolino

  • Sr. Solutions Architect, IVOXY Consulting, 12 years
  • IVOXY vSphere Class Instructor, Beginning & Advanced Topics
  • Network Engineer - CCNA
  • Professional Ski Patroller - OEC/EMT


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